Q4 Profiles Challenge

Repetition is the mother of all learning

Play the Q4 Profiles Challenge

And discover the world of effective communication

Everyone will react differently to the challenge to play the Q4 Profiles DISC Challenge. You follow a DISC-training, you know your own preferred style and you obtain insight in your personal behaviour. You are now able to recognize other styles. You learn to recognize the behavioural style of your conversation partner and how you can adjust your behaviour to your conversation partner’s. Your conversations will be a lot smoother afterwards.

You will learn more about DISC in a playful way and you can practice and secure the knowledge.

  • Do the quiz and answer the questions about the four behavioural profiles.
  • Play realistic scenarios in different situation.
  • Play fun mini-games!
  • Save all theory in your digital theory book.
  • Raise your score and make sure you are at the top!

Available in the Google Play (Android) and App (Apple) store.

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