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The proof is in the eating

Like everywhere on our website, you can read that sharing knowledge is one of our greatest passions. As the quote says: “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. That means that we translate our words into deeds and give you the possibility to fill out our validated questionnaire and get your brief profile free of charge.


Click on the button saying ‘create free profile’ to go to the questionnaire. This is more than just a few quick questions. This is a validated questionnaire that adds a second style on top of the D, I, S or C, so the solution is more specific than what you might be used to. Basically, this is the theory it is all about, namely that every human has all four styles in him and that the intensity determines what the influence will be on the behaviour. Unfortunately, we often see that the focus is only on 1 or on a maximum of 2 of the 4 styles. That’s why our extensive profiles always offer a full overview of the four styles and their intensity on the person and it’s (prefered) behaviour.

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That’s why we do this. We want you to get to know the passion that has been affecting us on a daily basis for years. We would love to invite you to fill out the questionnaire and meet you to give you more information.

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