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Q4 Clue 787 | International HR Day

One of the topics this year is ‘Excellence in People Leadership’, which refers to HR Management that ‘builds inclusive workplaces where everyone feels they can bring their authentic self to work each day.’ This covers all DISC layers.


Leadership is often linked solely with the D style, but this is unjustified. When decisions need to be made, yes. Then, this is the style you need to address. Ultimately, it’s about performance and productivity.


Creating a working environment where employees have a voice requires a different approach. Tap into your I-style to encourage (open) communication. Create a collaborative, judgement-free environment and accept other views.


Empathy should come from your S-style because your relationship with the other person has to be sincere. Genuinely. This style also considers a good work-life balance to be very important.


If we are talking about authenticity, then this style stands out. It is also swift to see through a role, faking it! Which, of course, does not build trust. Also the style that embraces upskilling, keen on developing skills.


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