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Q4 Clue 678 | Gambling

There is much talk about (online) gambling, especially the many advertisements put out there. It is interesting to see how the different styles gamble and/or look at it.


This is the style within us that dares to gamble. Of course, many other influences come into play, but gambling can go relatively high and hard. Not losing face, not wanting to give in…


Gambling is of secondary importance; what matters most is having a good time. You may wonder if you can do that online. It’s probably better to go to a physical place where you can socialise.


By nature, this is not the style that throws money around. Probably sets a budget or has a fund, and when it’s finished, it’s finished. But it can become an (online) habit to seclude yourself for a while…


Pure gambling will be mostly ignored or just for fun occasionally. But where knowledge or skill is at play (literally), it can be attractive. Think of blackjack or poker, but also of gambling on sports events.


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